I sat on a dark wooden pew near the back of the sanctuary in First Presbyterian Church, Durham, NC on Sunday evening admiring a spray of colored light in on one wall, made by the sun and one  stained glass window, and listened to Barbara Brown Taylor’s warm, generous voice. She reminded those gathered that people have bodies. Even Christians have bodies, and the church would do well to acknowledge as much. Back at the church this morning, this time in the fellowship hall, she asked us to consider, “What does hope taste like?”

We are physical beings.  We know the world (and the holy) through our bodies and our senses. Writers have to constantly be reminded to write for all the senses, not just for the eyes skimming words on a page or a screen.


About stokesnet

Jeanette Stokes is a writer, artist, minister, and the Director of the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South, located in Durha
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  1. Grace says:

    Oh Jeanette, it’s so sweet to be in Paris with you! Thank you for taking us on this virtual trip. I am putting myself beside you sitting at a sidewalk cafe with food and new morning air and fountains and Paris metro stops. Can’t wait to see what’s next???

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