Jeanette Stokes

Monday Paris


Arrived in Paris exhausted on Sunday afternoon. British Air left my luggage in London, but I have my camera & computer. Slept well.  Woke up very early, so went out to walk the city at sunrise. The gate to the Tuileries  was locked, so I looked for food.

Found breakfast at a cafe across from Hotel Regina.  Croissant, juice, hot chocolate.  The usual.

The gardens opened at 7:00 AM, so I went across the street and sat by one of the reflecting pools.  You will see my shoes in the photograph.

In Paris, they know how to lounge, and lounge I did.  My shoes were in front of me, and these lovely green metal chairs were beside me.

I stayed for almost an hour. At 7:58 AM they turned on the fountain in the reflecting pool.

Lovely morning.  By 8:00 AM I was walking back to our apartment on Rue de Saints Peres. Here’s the local metro stop, in case you want to come see us.

Clearly, I have not learned to control the photo placement on this blog, so the pictures are likely to be anywhere.