Jeanette Stokes

Feed Protesters in Madison


Want to help the protesters in Madison, WI?  Send food.

I remember the joy we felt during the Obama campaign when gift pizzas started arriving at Faulkner and Gunther’s house in Durham. People who lived miles and miles away were donating food to fuel the campaign workers in a swing state.

When my friend Tim Tyson got back from a weekend visit to the protests in Madison, he posted this note on his Facebook page: “The Egyptians actually sent pizzas. You can send some food to the protesters via gift cards at Willie Street Co-op, 608-251-6776. Or send a pizza from Ian’s 608-257-9248.”

A quick Internet search revealed that Ian’s has been deluged with calls from all over the country and all over the world. Being a vegetarian and learning that Ian’s was not open at 8:00 AM Madison time, I called the Co-op. A friendly female voice took my credit card number and promised to send some food to the protesters.

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