Jeanette Stokes is the author of three memoirs, Hurricane Season: Living Through a Broken Heart, Flying Over Home, and Following a Female Line, and two collections of essays, 25 Years in the Garden and 35 Years on the Path. You may order these books by using the links below or by writing to Jeanette lives in Durham, NC, and is the founder and Director of the Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South.


Just Keep Going: Advice on Writing and Life, by Jeanette Stokes (RCWMS Press, 2016) ISBN 978-0-9960826-5-5, $20.00

In this book you’ll find a wise guide, a skilled writer and artist who will help you discover your most creative self. As she charts her path toward writing and creativity, Stokes encourages you to envision the outlines of your own path. She offers tips on how to start where you are, take things one step at a time, figure out what works for you, set and keep a writing schedule, confront blocks, let your creativity flow, and relax and enjoy the process. Most of all, she conveys the joy in opening to the raw material of your own truest and deepest inclinations. —LIZ DOWLING-SENDOR, writer

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JANE pc FRONT w bleeds LIGHTERFollowing a Female Line by Jeanette Stokes (Words & Spirit, 2015) ISBN 978-0-9821848-7-5, $20.00 

Jeanette Stokes began to suspect that values she found wedged in her psyche were an unwitting inheritance from the women in her female line. How in the world did her Scots-Irish ancestors manage to leave her with their stubborn faith, their tenacious hold on land, and their deep attachment to family? Join her as she searches through archives, history, and family lore to find out.

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Flying pc FRONT for AmazonFlying Over Home by Jeanette Stokes (Words & Spirit, 2013) ISBN 978-0-9821848-5-1, $18.95 

Flying Over Home is a searing account of a girl’s loss of her father and an adult woman’s quest to find him again. In writing that is at once passionate, precise, and poetic, Jeanette Stokes takes us on a journey from Tulsa to New Orleans to Paris to Moscow to North Carolina, connecting the dots, fanning through letters and photographs, searching for the light of her father’s smile. I have never read a more compelling book about the disastrous consequences of divorce. Yet ultimately, Stokes brings the story home to her own healing heart. —Elaine Neil Orr, A Different Sun: A Novel of Africa

Order Flying Over Home ($20 including tax & shipping) using PayPal, click here.
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Hurricane Season: Living Through a Broken Heart, by Jeanette Stokes (Words & Spirit, 2008) ISBN 978-0-9821848-0-6, $18.95

Life is designed to break your heart. It just is. What you do with your broken heart is up to you. At least that’s what Jeanette Stokes came to believe after the breakup of her marriage.

Hurricane Season bears witness to a woman courageous and spiritually alive enough to sit with her own mirrors…a naked soul sitting in the eye of a storm.” —Jaki Shelton Green, poet

“Like Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, Hurricane Season is a dark journey to the edge of despair. However, in Stokes’ case, her husband does not die suddenly. Instead, he moves across the country and keeps calling and e-mailing his simultaneous rejection and affection. In crisp prose, Stokes chronicles the roller-coaster year of separation with bald honesty, fully owning the downfall of her marriage and its roots in her family of origin.” —Georgann Eubanks, author of Literary Trails of the North Carolina Mountains

Buy Hurricane Season ($20 including tax & shipping) using PayPal, click here.
Buy Hurricane Season ($20 including tax & shipping) from RCWMS: here.


35 Years FRONT for web35 Years on the Path, Essays by Jeanette Stokes (RCWMS, 2012) $20.00 (includes tax & shipping)
ISBN 978-0-9722035-5-5 Order here.

Published in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South, this collection of essays by founder and Executive Director Jeanette Stokes captures the last ten years of her inspiring writing about faith-filled feminism. Stokes’ essays first appeared in South of the Garden, the RCWMS newsletter.

“The words that fill the essays in this volume, replete with insight, humor, wisdom, and compassion, awaken us to the possibilities of our own lives. Jeanette teaches us the glory of slowing down and paying attention to the beautiful details of the world around us and the worlds within us.” —Rachael Wooten, from the Foreword

Order 35 Years on the Pathhere.


25 Years in the Garden, Essays by Jeanette Stokes (RCWMS, 2002) $15.00
Order here.

25 Years in the Garden is a collection of Jeanette Stokes’ essays that have appeared in South of the Garden, the newsletter of the Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South. Jeanette Stokes is the founder and Executive Director of RCWMS.

From the Foreword by Mary E. Hunt: “Jeanette Stokes has created the genre of feminist inspirational writing. Quite simply, no one does it better…. It is a synthetic glimpse into the mind and heart of a savvy woman who is committed to social justice and to living well in the meanwhile…. Jeanette paints with words. I love her prose. It is spare and elegant…. Every time I read Jeanette-whether on nature, politics, diversity, whether in sermon format, report, or reflection-I come away with a greater sense of clarity and commitment.”

The more than sixty essays include: God & the Goddess, Women Doing Theology, Failure is Impossible, The Art of Feeding the Spirit, Hamlet, Creativity, Summer, Heresy, Christian Feminism, Compost, Labyrinth, Weeding, France, Sitting, Bowl, and more.

Order 25 Years in the Garden here.

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