Pauli Murray – youth tour

I love this story in the N&O today about young people in NC on a “Freedom Ride: A Pilgrimage of Reconciliation.”  They were in Durham learning all about Pauli Murray.

See more:

photo by John Rottet –

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Mary Chapin Carpenter & Garrison Star

I’m just back from a fabulous Mary Chapin Carpenter in Durham. She’s son wonderful and had an amazing back-up band, including Chapel Hill’s own Don Dixon. She sang for two hours staight and I could have listened another two. If you don’t know Mary Chapin’s music, you will find her on the web.

One great surpirse was Garrison Starr, a female musician who opened for Mary Chapin. Garrison, a Mississippi native, is now based in Los Angeles. Check out her music on Facebook or here:

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Up on the Roof

I’m in Tulsa at my mother and stepfather’s house, which is shaded from the Oklahoma sun by several large oaks. Friday night, a large branch from one of these might trees fell and poked a small hole in the roof.  By lunchtime on Saturday, my 83-year-old stepfather had been up on the roof with a piece of flashing, shingles, hammer & nails and repaired it.  I helped and worried (from the ground) and then aided in cleaning up the leaves and branches.

I tried but was unsuccessful in extracting an agreement about WHEN my stepfather would STOP getting up on the roof. My mother learned long ago that she can’t control other adults. Next time I visit, I think I’ll bring a crew with me.

Later in the afternoon we enjoyed watching a red fox frolic in a neighbor’s lawn. Watching the wildlife seems to be a favorite pastimes of people in this neighborhood.

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Lost & Found

On Friday, en route from RDU to Tulsa, I left a small briefcase containing my laptop on the Skylink tram that runs between terminals at DFW. The good news is that I got it back in less than an hour.  The man sitting next to me on the tram got off at the stop after mine, took the bag with him, and left it with an airport official. I had reported the loss and was able to retrieved the bag just in time to make my connecting flight.

I thought I had outgrown this habit of things behind. In junior high, my friend Amy used pick up my pocket book after one class and bring it to me in the next. Perhaps I’ll start traveling with one large pouch instead of several smaller bags.

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Eno Festival

I’ve been attending Durham’s Festival for the Eno off and on for over 30 years. This year’s opening day was the coolest, clearest day at the festival I can recall. I enjoyed friends, music, food, and crafts. I especially enjoyed a musical duo called Mandolin Orange (pictured below). The Apple Chill Cloggers are always fun to watch and I found great pleasure in sniffing handmade soap and holding handmade pottery.

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On Ocracoke, witnessing to the oil spill

There was a great turnout for the Hands Across the Sand action at noon today at Lifeguard Beach, Ocracoke Island, NC. It was wonderful to see a long line of people joining hands in support of our ocean, our wildlife, and our coastal heritage.

We wrote messages on shells to send to Gov. Bev Perdu, telling her we will not stand for drilling off the coast of North Carolina.

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On an Island

I have loved Ocracoke Island, NC since the first time I drove across it, in the 1970s, on the way somewhere else. You can see how happy I was just to be on the ferry yesterday.

In the 1990s, Ocracoke was the place where I gave up wearing a watch and took up the fine art of sitting on a porch and staring at an oleander bush. I’m a very lucky person this week. I’m at a friend’s house on the island for a week. I hope to write, but if all I do is stare off the porch, the time will be well spent.

Wherever you are today, I hope you will do a little bit of nothing.

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